Each job is unique and priced according to its requirements

The reason for this, is so we may provide you with the best price possible...that doesn't mean you shouldn't have expectations for your budget. At Provision UAS, no job is average and every customer is provided channelized attention. Below is a general description of the value you'll recieve by choosing to hire a certified, experienced, & insured part 107 pilot. 


Project Budget

Project Budget

* 1-3 Hrs of Shooting

* 15-25 High Resolution Images

* 30-90 sec of Video

* Basic Video/Image Editing 

Ideal For:
-Single Property Showcase
-Small Projects with minimal setup
* 5 Hrs - Full Day

* 100+ High Resolution Images

* 5+ min of Video

* Comprehensive Project Editing

Great For:
-Investment Real-Estate/Golf Course Showcase
-Projects requiring mulitple locations/setups

Orthomosaic Mapping

See an Orthomosaic Map

$200-$500 Project Budget

Project Budget

* 1-3 Hrs of Flight

* Captures appx. 40 acres 

* Hig- Res 2D Orthomosaic Map

* Basic measurement & annotation

Perfect For:
-Small Scale Construction Sites
-Projects that require minimal setup
* 5 Hrs - Full Day 

* Captures 60-150 acres 

*High-Res 2D Orthomosaic Map

*Comprehensive measurement & annontation

Ideal For: 
-Landscape Analysis/Landfills/Large Scale Construction
-Projects requiring multiple locations/setups

Ag Mapping/NDVI

Sample an
NDVI map 
* Pending size & scope, $3/acre + setup

Ideal For:

-Crop Health Analysis
-Zone Management
-Plant Stand/Gap Analysis
-Water Shed deliniation

Experience a
3D Model

3D Models​​​​

$250/hr + setup 

Great for: 
-Conceptual Presentation
​-Structural Analysis/Inspection

Artistic Prints

View Gallery

(Custom Prints Avail upon Request)

Perfect for: 
-Office Decorations
-Memorializing generational property